KGA’s Affiliation

  1. Bombay Presidency Golf Club, Mumbai
  2. Royal Calcutta Golf Club, Kolkata
  3. High Range Golf Club, Munnar
  4. Tollygunge Golf Ltd, Kolkata
  5. Jayachamaraja Wadiyar Golf Club, Mysore
  6. Mercara Downs Golf Club, Madikeri
  7. Coorg Golf Links, Virajpet
  8. Wellington Gym.Club, Nilgiris
  9. Chikmagalur Golf Club, Chikmagalur
  10. Coimbatore Golf Club, Coimbatore
  11. Kodaikanal Golf Club, Kodaikanal
  12. Madras Gym.Club,Golf Annexe, Guindy
  13. Ootacamund Gym.Club, Ootacamund
  14. Pilikula Golf Club, Mangalore
  15. Golmuri Club, Jamshedpur
  16. The Belgaum Golf Association, Belgaum
  17. The United Services Club,Colaba, Mumbai
  18. Panchkula Golf Club, Panchkula
  19. Chandigarh Golf Club, Chandigarh
  20. Noida Golf Course Society ®, Nodia
  21. Tamilnadu Golf Federation, Chennai
  22. Hyderabad Golf Association, Hyderabad



  1. Royal Colombo Golf Club, Colombo
  2. Karachi Golf Club, Karachi
  3. Jurong Country Club, Singapore
  4. Ayer Keroh Country Club, Melaka, Malaysia
  5. Meadowbrook Country Club, United States
  6. Orchind Country Club, Singapore
  7. The Killara Golf Club Ltd, Australia


Special Golf Package

  1. A’fomosa Resort, Malaysia


Special Arrangement

  1. Bangalore Golf Club
  2. ASC
  3. Training Command Golf Course
  4. Madras Engineering Group


Special Playing Arrangements – ASC Golf Course

Members to note that following Special Playing Arrangements will come to effect from 10th December 2012.

Eligibility Criteria

Following categories who are bona fide Members of ASC Golf Course are eligible to use the facilities of KGA Golf Course and the Club House as per the Special playing arrangements:

  • Serving Commissioned Officers of Army.
  • Serving Commissioned Officers of Navy.
  • Serving Commissioned Officers of Air force.
  • Retired Commissioned Officers of Army.
  • Retired Commissioned Officers of Navy.
  • Retired Commissioned Officers of Air force.

Note: Spouse of above categories of Members is allowed to use the facilities but not the Dependent children.


  • Eight free Invitation cards from KGA numbering 1 to 8 will be issued to ASC. Each of these Invitation cards can be used for a maximum of six times in a month. Members using these cards need to pay Rs. 100/- for use of Club House facility on the day they play at KGA course.
  • Playing rights restricted to Weekdays only vide KGA Letter dated 10.09.2014.