Dress Code

Bye Law No.3.2

All users  including   children   above   the  age  of 16 shall strictly adhere to the following prescribed dress regulations.

3.2.1 Dining Hall/Central Lounge: Gentlemen: Shirts with collars, Collarless ribbed high neck T-Shirts, Polo neck Shirts, trousers,shoes or sandals with back straps or Bandgala. Ladies: Attire befitting the decorum and the area of use. The emphasis is on elegance, poise and grace.


3.2.2 Club House, Deck area, Patio & Lounge: Gentlemen:

Shirts with collars, Tee Shirts with Ribbed Collars, Polo neck shirts, trousers or golf shorts, jeans, sports shoes, golf shoes, sandals with straps or Bandgala. Playing guests are allowed sporting attire. Ladies:

Attire befitting the occasion and the area of use.  The emphasis is on elegance, poise and grace. Sports shoes, sports gear, golf shorts and sneakers are not allowed after 8 PM.


3.2.3 Claret Jug Bar:

Golfing attire  including shorts permitted up to 8.00 PM.


3.2.4 Course & Driving Range: Gentlemen:

Shirts / T-shirts with collars (including Chinese and high ribbed collars) and sleeves, trousers or golf shorts, sport shoes  or golf shoes with soft spikes, Caps, if worn, must be with the peak in front. Ladies:

Skirts, trousers, golf shorts; golf T-Shirts, salvar kameez; sports shoes or golf shoes with soft spikes. No player shall be permitted to wear round neck, sleeveless shirts / T-shirts without collars,  sweat  pants,  jeans, cut offs, athletic  shorts, sports shoes, halter  tops,  tank tops, fishnet tops, low cut T-shirts /    blouses  and  golf  shoes  with  metal  spikes.    Ladies  are  permitted  to wear collarless / sleeveless shirts.


3.2.5 Swimming Pool: Users are permitted to wear only well-fitting swimming costumes.  Other dresses like shorts are strictly prohibited. Skirts and other non-swimming attire are strictly prohibited. Persons with long hair must compulsorily use swimming caps.


3.2.6 Introduction of Candidates: Gentlemen:

Lounge Suit, combination suit or Bandgala. Ladies:

Saree, Salwar Kameez or formal western wear.


3.2.7 New Year Ball Gentlemen:

Lounge Suit, combination suit  or Bandgala. Ladies:

Attire befitting the occasion provided it is in keeping with the norms of decency and does not offend the sensibilities of others present.


3.2.8 General Restrictions:

The following are strictly prohibited. Combination of  kurtas with jeans/trousers/loose pyjamas. T-Shirts with themes/slogans which are printed on them which are vulgar and provocative in nature and which are not in keeping with the norms of decency that could  offend the sensibilities of other members and guests present. Caps and hats in any form, shorts, rubber chappals and collarless T-shirts are strictly prohibited in the Dining Hall/Central Lounge, Club House & Lounge. Caps and hats are permitted in golfers bay and lower deck. Service may be denied to Members/Associates or their guests who do not adhere to the dress code prescribed above and they may be asked to leave the premises. In this regard the decision of the designated official shall be binding.